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Boost candidate engagement and seamlessly integrate digital transformation into your staffing processes. Say goodbye to slow offer acceptance and outdated systems.

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Elevate Your Staffing Game

Next-Gen Staffing Solutions for Agencies

Experience the power of a platform that molds to your agency’s unique needs, seamlessly blending with your current systems. Transform the way you staff with scalable, innovative solutions that drive efficiency, not complexity.

Revolutionize Staffing:
From 12 Days to Just 15 Minutes


Offer Acceptance. Redefine rapid redeployment with Staftr. A significant 47% of all offers sent are accepted, showcasing our platform’s effectiveness in fast-paced staffing environment.


Acceptance Time. Staftr delivers staffing solutions at unparalleled speed. With an average acceptance time of just 2.5 minutes, and a median of 1.3 minutes, it’s the perfect fit for projects of any scale.


Candidate Response Rate. Experience a surge in candidate responsiveness with Staftr. An impressive 75% of candidates take action on offers, reflecting the platform’s high engagement rates.

50 Wasted Days on Manual Tasks

Automate the mundane and focus on what really matters. Staftr saves precious time that can be better invested in strategic decision-making.

(Source:McKinsey & Company)

36 to 42 Days to Fill a Role

While the industry standard has companies waiting over a month to fill positions, solutions like Staftr can dramatically cut down this time.


$4,700 Average Cost per Hire

Traditional staffing methods are not just slow but also costly. With Staftr, you're investing in speed and quality, offering an ROI that's hard to ignore.

(Source:Forrester Research)

50% Increase in Hiring Costs

In-house HR can inadvertently inflate your hiring costs by half. Staftr’s all-in-one platform mitigates this with cost-efficient, automated processes.


72.8% Struggle with Relevance

The majority of recruiters find it challenging to source relevant candidates. Staftr’s high-engagement platform optimizes for quality and relevance.


Revolutionizing Staffing in the Digital Age

Streamline Your 
Talent Pipeline With Unmatched Efficiency

Transform the way you manage talent with Staftr, your 
all-in-one staffing solution. From mobile-enabled onboarding that boosts candidate engagement, to timekeeping and reporting features, we offer full-spectrum support for modern staffing needs.

Customizable to the hilt, our platform is a seamless bolt-on for organizations deeply vested in digital transformation. Choose from flexible pricing models tailored to your business size and scope. Experience unprecedented speed in offer acceptance and elevate your workforce engagement from 3% to an astounding 80%.

Transforming Staffing Dynamics

Unleash Efficiency and Quality
with Staftr’s Revolutionary Features

  • Credential Clarity

    Go beyond basic checks. With Staftr, ensure each candidate’s qualifications and certifications are rigorously verified.

  • Cost Efficiency

    Break free from flat-rate pricing schemes. Staftr’s flexible model means you pay only for the active candidates you actually need.

  • Time Triumph

    Say goodbye to long project timelines. Staftr’s matching algorithm connects you with suitable candidates within minutes.

  • Engagement Amplified

    More than a recruitment tool, Staftr creates rich candidate interactions that foster brand loyalty and enduring relationships.

  • Marketplace Versatility

    Experience the best of all worlds. Staftr uniquely integrates elements of freelancing, contracting, and enterprise/level recruiting.

  • Mobile-Ready Features

    Seamlessly communicate in real-time, effortlessly manage projects from anywhere, and empower independent contractors. Stay connected, boost productivity, and dominate staffing projects with ease using our cutting-edge solution.

Revolutionize Staffing Operations

Features That Empower
Staffing Agencies to Excel

  • Swift Adoption

    Transition effortlessly with Staftr’s easy and fast adoption, minimizing downtime and optimizing operational continuity.

  • User Intuitiveness

    Navigate through tasks with an intuitive interface, enabling your team to focus on 
what really matters: sourcing the best talent.

  • Candidate Centricity

    Improve the candidate experience with meaningful engagement, building long-term relationships and boosting brand loyalty.

  • Workflow Automation

    Automate essential workflows to free up valuable time for your team, focusing on strategic tasks over routine ones.

  • Instant Matching

    With features like instant matching and backfilling, accelerate the hiring process and increase your speed to market.

  • Financial Clarity

    Achieve precision in timekeeping, invoicing, and reports, offering you the financial insights necessary for sound decision-making.

  • Smart Scheduling

    Integrated screening and scheduling functionalities streamline the recruitment process, ensuring you deploy the right talent at the right time.

  • Seamless Comms

    Benefit from always-on communication channels that ensure real-time coordination among team members and clients.

  • Built-in Compliance

    Confidently navigate regulations with built-in GDPR and CCPA compliance, mitigating legal risks and enhancing brand trust.

  • Custom Flexibility

    Adapt Staftr to your needs with customizable interfaces and credentialing capabilities, ensuring seamless integration into your existing systems.

Unlock Unbeatable Staffing Efficiency with Staftr

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Elevate Your Staffing Game with Staftr

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